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eBible Tagging

Published on June 7, 2006 in Web

eBible.com has undergone some significant updates recently adding several nice features.

1. Additional translations have been added. This makes it nice as you can set your default translation and/or view two translations side by side.

2. Tags have been added to eBible. You can now tag a verse(s) in the Bible with certain keywords. This looks like it could be useful in the future as more and more people start using eBible.

Note: See my orginial post on eBible here.

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  1. Antoine, June 10, 2006:

    The tagging feature was something that I didn’t know was there until I accessed eBible from the desktop. I can honestly see eBible really coming in handy in a classroom full of laptops and tabletPCs. That tagging feature being one of the main reasons why.

    Of course, eBible does make me feel more like Palm and/or PalmOS developers left us out with a webbrowser that does not support the AJAX fun that is eBIble and other neat sites. Shoot, I cannot even view in a nice way a site that I recenetly developed using CSS because it does not even fully support it.

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