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Published on June 15, 2006 in Palm

BinaryClock is a clock and alarm program from Tamoggemon Software that is a little different than your average Palm clock. At first glance, the software is confusing since the time does not appear like a normal digital clock, but in a series of shifting patterns of black squares and rectangles on a white background. Read through the manual, though, and you will find it is not hard to learn how to tell the time with a little bit of practice (there is a method to the madness).

If this type of time telling is not up your alley, BinaryClock will also display a text string with the time in a user configurable look. Colors and shapes in the binary display are also customizable. There are options to decrease or increase the border of the blocks and to change the background and foreground colors. Besides the clock, Binary Clock also includes an alarm feature. The program allows you to configure a different alarm for each day of the week and also supports Palm devices with vibrate and LED.

(Added: 06.19.06) Another nice feature of BinaryClock 2.0 is that it lets you view truetype fonts using Font Bucket, a free program which is included in the download. Using Font Bucket you can import any Windows fonts you would like into Binary Clock. In addition, BinaryClock provides full-screen capabilities allowing it to look nice on any handheld. (End Addition)

BinaryClock is an inexpensive time-telling application that takes a unique approach to telling time. It would be nice if you could schedule multiple alarms and there is a learning curve to tell the time. If you would like to have a novel time telling application on your Palm, take a look at BinaryClock.

Binary Clock

For another review of BinaryClock check out Palm Discovery’s review.

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  1. curious, June 15, 2006:

    why wuld anyone want to learn a new method of telling time?

  2. Leslie Franke, June 19, 2006:

    It is a new method of reading time, the selling point for BinaryClock is that it is just something unique and different.

  3. May C, June 21, 2006:

    Thanks for the blog referral, Leslie. It’s much appreciated! I feel very honored.

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