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Firefox 2 Visual Refresh

Published on August 6, 2006 in Firefox

Mozilla has released a new Firefox build that includes the much anticpated Firefox 2.0 visual refresh designed by Radiant Core. The new theme uses more glossy buttons, the address bar now has “clickable” buttons, and the search area has been redesigned.

Though, it is early, I am really ambivalent about the new theme. It is not nearly as major of a change as some had hyped and I am not sure if it is better than the old one anyway. Some of the changes are nice but I do care for the new icons. They look out of place on my setup of Windows XP. If you would rather stick with the old theme there is hope. A Firefox theme of the classic version has been created for Firefox 2.0b1 and greater. Kevin Gerich has packaged the Pinstripe on Mac and Winstripe on Windows which you can install as a stand-alone theme.

You can find out more about the Firefox visual refresh from Screwedbydesign and the Mozilla wiki. Download the lastest nightly build from here. Work is still being done of the theme so I am looking forward to having my initial impressions changed.

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