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Blueorganizer Firefox Extension

Published on August 15, 2006 in Firefox

Blueorganizer is a Mozilla Firefox extension, currently in beta, that is designed to help organize and bookmark content found on the web. It allows for the personalization of content found on sites such as Amazon and eBay, tracking and managing books, movies, music and anything else on the web.

Blueorganizer Firefox Extension

A sort of ‘smart bookmarking tool’, Blueorganizer reads information about the item on a page, storing the item’s image along with several other details. Basically, it does the mundane things for you, such as entering the description, title and adding some tags for the item you are bookmarking (called a bluemark). You can easily override the default selections, for example, by adding and deleting tags. When set up correctly, the tagging system is very helpful when searching your bookmarks. Another neat feature of Blueorganizer is that on the top-right hand corner of every bluemark is a wrench. Called a ‘context action’ tool, this wrench allows you to instantly find, shop, and compare items on the web. You can easily find similar items, compare prices on the item at different places, and search for the item on the web.

The collection of products in your Blueorganizer can be saved locally to a PC or online, if you sign up for an adaptiveblue account. Saving your data online gives you the ability to publish your bluemarks as an RSS feed and provides access to your collection from anywhere. In addition, Blueorganizer gives you the ability to add widgets to a website to allow anyone to view your bluemarks.

BlueOrganizer is one of the most impressive Firefox extensions I have used so far, but clearly it is not for everyone. It is somewhat of a niche tool appealing more toward the user who likes to organize their books, music, movies, etc., than the average web surfer. There is really no major drawbacks to using the tool, if you do not mind that the service makes money by inserting affiliate codes into your bluemark links and you do not mind having to remove the preset bluemarks.

I have not made up by mind on whether I will continue using the tool in the future but see the potential in Blueorganizer and am going to give it a whirl. This is of no fault of the tool, but a reflection on how organized (or lack thereof) of a person I am. I probably have not even begun to scratch the surface of everything Blueorgainzer has to offer. Give Blueorganizer and try and see if it is something that appeals to you.

Note: Take some time to read Alex Iskold’s article entitled “Smart Browser, Where Art Thou?” (PDF) in which he explains his reasoning behind creating such an extension. It is well worth reading.


  1. Alex Iskold, August 15, 2006:

    Hi Leslie – thanks for taking time to do the review!

    We are about to publish blueorganizer 2.5 along with brand new look and feel new features and new collections.

    We are working hard to make blueorganizer as easy and as user friendly as possible. Our goal is to make our users click less to find what they need. As we simplify it, our user base growth, make the blueorganizer useful for the users with different objectives and habbits.

    We look forward to your feedback!


    alex iskold

  2. Alex Iskold, August 16, 2006:

    We just released brand new website, new look and feel and blueorganizer 2.5. Many new features, including smart paging, import/export, etc. at http://www.adaptiveblue.com


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