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Opera Mobile Browser for the Palm OS?

Published on May 30, 2006 in Browsers, Palm

Opera Watch has a informative post about whether we will ever see the Opera Mobile browser for the Palm OS. Basically it boils down to the fact that there is insufficient interest from Palm itself. While the newer Palm browsers are workable alternatives and Opera Mini is full of issues when running on the Palm OS, it would be nice too see Opera develop a browser for the Palm OS, breathing much needed innovation into the marketplace.

Update: 5.31.06. There has been some confusion about Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. They are different products. To see a good example of the difference look at Opera for Windows Mobile Pocket PC.


  1. Arne, May 30, 2006:

    Very strang… but I have opera on my palm TX…

  2. Leslie Franke, May 31, 2006:


    You most likely have Opera Mini installed on your TX. This is a different product than the full featured Opera Mobile. See my addition to the post.

  3. dmccunney, May 31, 2006:

    “Opera Mini has issues on Palm OS”

    Yes, that’s an appropriate way of putting it. First, I had to find a copy of IBM’s Java VM for PalmOS that ran on my device. (I have a Tapwave Zodiac 2. The current Palm release doesn’t work on it.) Then, I had to figure out how to get Opera Mini istalled.

    I did it, and the results were underwhelming.

    As a Java applet, Opera Mini does not follow Palm UI standards, so it’s controlled differently than anything else I run. Rendering is nice, but the current version doesn’t support the 320×480 screen on my device. (The previous release did.) Javascript doesn’t seem to be supported. And it is *very* sluggish on my device, with perceptable delays between command and response.

    I got it installed to see if I *could*, and what it would do. I wouldn’t actually *use* it unless I had no other option.

    I’d *like* to see Opera Mobile, but Palm seems married to Blazer…

  4. FriedGeek, September 13, 2006:

    I was so sad when I saw that there was no ‘real’ Opera for my new (to me) Treo 650. I hate WinM but since it seems like the Palm OS is dead there may be no choice.

  5. Jeff Dodson, August 17, 2007:

    Why do you say the palm operating system is dead? I just got my 755P with sprint and am loving it. I did hear recently that the next palm op sys will be linux based, is this what you mean? I have palm 5.4.9, what I heard would be the last pure palm, but the next version would still be palm, just linux based.

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