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Facer Launcher Nuvola Theme

Published on May 31, 2006 in Palm

I have updated the Facer Nuvola theme to work with Facer 3. This theme is free and can be downloaded from here. I believe that this is a complete theme. All elements have been skinned. The background image is just a gray screen, it is up to you to choose the jpeg you want for the background. If you would like to use the image seen in the screenshot you can get it from the Crystal ZLauncher theme. Note that this theme will only work with Facer 3.1 and higher.

Information on the Nuvola theme for earlier versions of Facer can be found in this post.

Facer Nuvola Theme

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  1. Antoine of MMM, June 2, 2006:

    Very nice theme. I have it downloaded now and it works great. Very nice job. Glad to see you able to make F3 themes :)

  2. Julio Centeno, June 2, 2006:

    Just curious… I’m new to PDA’s in general so when Palm offered it’s Z22 as an entry-level PDA to consumers, I decided to give it a try. I am happy I did. I use Facer as its “skin” but I would like to see something like the Nuvola theme on mine. I understand that unlike ver.2 of Facer there is not yet a theme builder app out ver. 3.

    I have a request. Would you write a tutorial on making themes in general or point out a resource I can refer to.



  3. Leslie Franke, June 4, 2006:


    I am glad you like the theme. Hopefully I can find time to make a few more or at least port several ZLauncher themes over.

  4. Leslie Franke, June 4, 2006:


    As far as I know there is no resource to making Facer 3 themes. I will try sometime very soon to write a post about how to create Facer 3 themes and/or themeing your Palm in general. Would you like to see a tutorial just relating to Facer 3 themes or one that is more general?

  5. Niels, June 8, 2006:

    I cant see the wallpaper am i doing something wrong?

  6. Leslie Franke, June 8, 2006:


    The wallpaper is a jpg image that was created for the Crystal ZLauncher theme. If you want to use that image as your background download the Crystal theme, link in the last part of the first paragraph of this post, and choose to add it as a custom wallpaper in Facer.

  7. Andre, August 20, 2006:

    Hi Leslie,

    I tried the facer 3 and I just loved it!
    But I didn’t buy it yet, because of themes!
    How did you make this theme?
    Can you tell me how? Or just tell me where I start from.
    I want to make a theme just the same of original but in grayscale colors!


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