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Text Entry System for the Palm

Published on March 9, 2006 in Palm

Alexander Pruss, the creator of mySkin, has recently released a new keyboard entry system for the Palm. myKbd adds a customizable hex keyboard to mySkin. The application comes with two different hex keyboard layouts, including the ATOMIK layout optimized by IBM researchers for speed of typing in English.

Palm Crystal myKbd Keyboard

In addition to the keyboard, the user can define up to 10 macros. Macros allow you run a variety of commands in one step. For example, this macro will open up Memo Pad, write the text ‘This is a macro.’ and then enter the date stamp in the memo, and finally exit the memo to the main screen in Memo Pad.

<run Memo Pad> –> choose run… and then select Memo Pad
This is a macro. –> enter this text in directly
<date> –> choose datestamp
<tap Done> –> choose tap button… and type in the word Done

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