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del.icio.us on the Go

Published on March 6, 2006 in Palm

For those of us who use the del.icio.us bookmarking site there is a new way to get del.icio.us on the go. Mobilicio.us is a online tool that combines del.icio.us with Google’s Mobile Search tool. Any del.icio.us link that has been tagged with ‘mtag’ will show up in the in Mobilicio.us by default, or you can choose to view all your del.icio.us links. This is a quick and easy way to take access all of one’s mobile bookmarks, whether it be just on the Palm or between a Palm and a mobile phone, etc. The main advantage I see with this approach over just running the regular del.icio.us site through Google Mobile is that you get a much cleaner interface with all of the extraneous information stripped out. If you are using a Palm with wireless access, I would highly recommend an approach like this, whether it be with Mobilicio.us, a regular del.icio.us, Furl, etc. to store bookmarks across multiple computers and devices. It is a much cleaner and easier approach then something like Chapura’s “Pocket Favorites”.

Note: For those who are concerned about del.icio.us going away and loosing all of your bookmarks look here to find ways to back up del.icio.us.

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