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Opera Mini Released

Published on January 24, 2006 in Palm

Opera has released Opera Mini worldwide. Opera Mini is designed to allow web browsing on mobile phones which are otherwise incapable of using a web browser. Besides working on mobile phones, Opera Mini runs well and is an excellent browser on newer Palms which can run the IBM JVM. Changes to the earlier builds I believe include include two screen modes (compared to three) and smooth scrolling.

You can download Opera Mini from the product’s homepage or directly for the Palm from here. While the download page only lists the Treo 650 and the Tungsten C, I have ran Opera Mini with success on a T3 and others have reported success on other Palms. For more on how to load the IBM JVM on your Palm see the first part of this post.

Update: The file can be found at http://mini.opera.com/global/opera-mini-advanced-us.jad. The easiet way to get this on your Palm is by using the IBM Java VM application. Open the appliction, click the install button and enter in the above URL, and the Palm will then download the file and convert it into PRC file for you.

Opera Mini

Note: For those concerned about privacy, a word of warning. Opera Mini uses a remote server to pre process the page before sending it to the phone thus it will store the cache, cookies, and passwords for pages visited on the service provider’s server.

News via Opera Watch.


  1. Garrett Eaton, January 24, 2006:

    umm, do you have a link to the site for the opera mini .prc file, i can’t find it, i don’t think it was in my zip, if it was in yours, just tell me and i’ll retry the download, thanks

  2. Leslie Franke, January 25, 2006:


    The zip file does not contain the Opera Mini file, just the necessary java files. See the update to my post for the link to the Opera Mini file.

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