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Best Palm Websites

Published on January 20, 2006 in Palm

The following is the second part of my “Palm Best Of” series, laying out what I feel to be the best free Palm software, the best Palm developers, and the best Palm websites. Listed below are the best Palm related websites on the Internet and, also, the mobile versions of some very popular websites. The best free Palm software was presented earlier and an article on the best Palm developers is still to come.

Palm Related Websites


1src – Palm related forums and news. They have the best help and discussion forums on the web for the Palm T and Sony Clie handhelds.

MobileRead – Palm and PPC related forums and news. They have excellent ebook reading and mobile web reading forums.

TreoCentral – Palm Treo orientated forum and news. Probably the best Treo forums on the web.


Palm247 – Palm news updated daily.

PalmAddicts – Palm news blog which is updated on a constant basis. Any Palm news worth mentioning will probably be posted here.

Software and Ebooks

Memoware – Large listing of free ebooks. These ebooks are compiled by members of the site and are available for downloading in many different ebook formats.

PalmOpenSource – Directory of open source Palm software.

PalmGear – The largest directory of commercial Palm software on the web. The complaints of users and application developers about Palmgear is long and varied but their mere size makes them hard to ignore.

Palm Friendly Website Portals

PDA Portal


Small Sites

Palm Friendly Websites



AOL Portal


CBS Marketwatch







Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

MSN Mobile

New York Times – Page One


USA Today



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