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Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet Update

Published on June 22, 2006 in Firefox

I have updated the Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet to include a couple of suggestions that have been made. Changes include:

  • Tab Select shortcuts
  • Undo shortcut
  • Another Open Link in Background Tab shortcut
  • Changed the path to cached elements

Available in the following formats:

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

Note: The location of the PDF has changed.

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  1. andy, June 23, 2006:

    very useful, thanks!

  2. Andy, June 23, 2006:

    Hi Leslie:

    I came for the Firefox cheatsheet, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that a fellow SDA has found fame and fortune via LifeHacker. Good luck with the Pathfinder kids- my favorite part of the weekly meetings was ditching and hiding out in the nearby woods while the counselors hunted for us. Hope you don’t have too many like me.

    Thanks for the cheatsheet!

    Andrew Schoppe

  3. Bruno, June 24, 2006:

    Very useful, thanks. However, for the “Back” function, it’s easier to use the backspace key, instead of Alt + left arrow.

    For the “Forward” function, use Caps + Backspace.

  4. Nick, June 24, 2006:

    Hi – I’m sure this sheet is brilliant, but it would have saved a few wasted minutes of my life if there had been an obvious pointer that it’s for XP only before I downloaded it. There are other OSs out there, you know :)

  5. Karlyn, June 24, 2006:

    I love this cheat sheet, Ho wuseful! Thank you!

  6. airtonix, June 26, 2006:

    Gret guide, Im running Ubuntu Dapper (which looks sexier that windowsANYVERSION), and since i bothered to open up a term and sus out hte firefox command for linux, here is my additions so that peopl like nick dont turn around and walk off in a bloated elitist huff.

    uhh nick, your only a little bit right. most of the stuff works for firefox regardless, casuse firefox is built on top of xul and gekco ra ra ra. multiplatform ra ra ra ra. But there are differnces here they are.

    - ctrl+j puts focs on your search widget thingy next to your url bar.
    - ctrl[1-9] doesn’t do anything, me thinks this is because its taken by the system core for multi terminal access. hehehe, wait till you windows users get this feature on your desktops.

    - Profile Manager
    Close Firefox. Open up a term and type “firefox -ProfileManager”
    - User Profile file : ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles/xxxxxxxx.default
    - Cached Elements folder : im still trying to fnid this, for simply assuming that it will be in the same place as the profile turned up nothing.

    be back soon.

  7. airtonix, June 26, 2006:

    lol, care not i for my spelling

  8. airtonix, June 26, 2006:

    oh and leslie, this line at the bottom:

    For use with Firefox running on a Windows machine.

    Should read :

    For use with Firefox running on Windows, Mac, Or Linux system.

  9. Rose DesRochers, June 26, 2006:

    Very imformative. Thank you. I plugged you at Invision-graphics.com. Just click on my name to see the post.:)

  10. avolare, July 4, 2006:

    “Back” function is also triggered by backspace key.

  11. mike, July 5, 2006:

    Nice work! Anyone know how to configure firefox to, when pressing ctrl-enter, instead of adding www. and .com pre/suffix’s, it adds just .com, hence http://www.google.com -> http://google.com

  12. Gerald, July 5, 2006:

    Another handy shortcut, if you re-arrange your tabs often, like I do:

    ctrl+shift+pageup/down to move your tab one slot to the left or right.

    Works fine in Linux as well. Been using it since forever.
    (or is it a tabbrowser extensions feature? must have extension anyways :P )

  13. Dustin, July 8, 2006:

    I was messing around trying to figure out how to open a link in a new tab when you type it into the location bar:

    ALT + Enter – opens new tab instead of using current page when used in either the location bar or the search box

  14. Leslie Franke, July 9, 2006:

    Everyone…Sorry for not replying sooner. I will incorporate some of you suggestions into an updated version soon.

    Andrew…It is nice to hear from a fellow Adventist.

    airtonix…Thanks for mentioning the shortcuts.

  15. Adan, November 17, 2006:

    Please add firefox cookies/bad web sites immunization in next version!
    Firefox 2 cannot reject third party cookies!!!!!!!!

  16. Adrian near Seattle, May 7, 2008:

    Thanks, just what I needed. Am getting committed to being more efficient with my time on the web, and this is a great help.

    Am curious what your reason might be for not updating with the tip given above that:
    Back is more easily got to by using Backspace (rather than Alt + L. Arrow).
    (see http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/%2AShortcuts )

  17. peter, June 20, 2008:

    thanks i have hacked 7 person`s id but 8 doesn`t work

  18. moorthi, December 11, 2008:


  19. iCarly cds, January 26, 2009:

    Nice to have a cheat sheet for this!

  20. Florin, October 26, 2011:

    Thanks to all the contributors!

  21. computer support, November 6, 2012:

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