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Word Monaco for the Palm

Published on April 25, 2006 in Palm

Smart Box Design, makers of such games as Farkle and Word Pop, have announced a new game called Word Monaco. Word Monaco is a combination solitaire and word game. The layout of Word Monaco is a lot like a Klondike solitaire game. You start off with all of the cards, except for the top one on each pile, being face down. You uncover the cards one by one my moving the face up card onto other cards and making words. If you are able to make words from every single card you win the game.

Word Monaco is made of of three different word games with special cards and minimum word lengths added to some to make the game more challenging. Each game has an easy, medium and hard decks of cards making Word Monaco enjoyable for both the novice and the pro.

Like the other games from Smart Box Design, the presentation of Word Monaco on the Palm is outstanding. The graphics are very crisp and clean and the sound effects are not overwhelming, adding nicely to the game’s atmosphere. While Word Pop remaines my favorite Smart Box Design game, Word Monaco is very addicting and entertaining. It is well worth the few dollars you will have to drop to get it. Word Monaco will be available in the beginning of May. If you cannot wait until then, you can download a sneak preview now.

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Word Monaco

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