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Anti-Virsus Software on a Palm

Published on January 31, 2006 in Palm

Writing on Palm Addict with a healthy dose of skectpicsm, Peter Wolchak recently posted a news release from Symantec announcing a new anti-virsus solution for the Palm OS. Anti-virsus software, on a Palm, is a classic case of a solution without a problem. No real viruses have infected a Palm device. They may exist in theory, but not in the wild. There was one Trojan horse program, of note, that was limited to a specific application, the Liberty emulator, and was quickly withdrawn. This trojan arrived as a crack for PalmOS application called Liberty, claiming it would convert a shareware version of the application to a registered version. Anti-virus software for the Palm is doing one thing and one thing only, cashing in on people’s paranoia of viruses. At this junction I would not waste my time or money to install any anti-virsus software on your Palm.

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