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Archive for January, 2005

Layered Metals ZLauncher Theme

Published on January 5, 2005 in Palm

ZL Themes has released another excellent ZLauncher theme and VG/SB skin. From the site, ” Beautiful ZLauncher theme to go with the ClieSkinner’s Layered Metals VG/SB. This theme uses great Greens and Metals to give your PDA a Great Metal-blend look. ” I could not agree more. As this theme is currently available to site members only it is just one more reason to get a ZL Themes membership.

Shadow Plan Updated

Published on January 4, 2005 in Palm

An excellent piece of Palm software Shadow Plan 4.1, has recently been released with updates for the Palm software and the Windows and Mac desktops. Shadow Plan is a task manager, outliner, and hierarchical checklist system. Some improvements include:

* Filtering has been added to the desktop version
* Icon Manager icon support have been added to the Palm software

Why is this important besides Shadow Plan being an excellent product. Here’s why. A subset of the Icon Manager icons available from PDA Shine was included as the default icon set in the release. Hope you enjoy.

eBooks via RSS

Published on in Software

Just ran across a unique idea. Russell Beattie has added a new feature to his Mobdex project. You can now have small chunks of an ebook delivered to you daily in a RSS feed. If you have not had the time to read any Project Gutenberg books yet here is another way that is available.

Link: Russell Beattie Notebook

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