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Archive for December, 2004

Christmas ZLauncher Theme

Published on December 22, 2004 in Palm

ZLThemes has posted a nice looking Christmas ZLauncher theme. The theme can be download from there website. Best of all the theme is free.

Christmas Icon Manager Icons

Published on in Palm

Icon Manager Icons

I have put together a few Christmas Icon Manager icons. You can get them from here. They are not the most useful of icon sets but I hope you enjoy anyway.

For those of you without a hi-res Palm a set of free Christmas icons, by DOTRIX, can be download from PalmGear. Give them a try.

Astraware Holiday Countdown Sale

Published on December 14, 2004 in Palm

I noticed Astraware is having a holiday countdown sale. According to their web site, “Every day from December 13th to 26th we’re offering at least two of our games at a discounted price. Whether you enjoy puzzles, word games, action or adventure titles, there’s something in our stocking for you. As a special bonus for owners of Palm OS devices, five of our retro titles are being made available for free, one on each day for the first five days.” For the first 5 days of the sale one of the following titles will be made available for free: Seven Seas, Bzzz!, Police Range, Astro Defence, and Nisqually. Looks like there may be some good deals on some of Astrware games. If you do not already have it pick up Seven Seas for free. I would say it is the only one of the free games worth much if you have a newer handheld.

Zondervan’s NIV Study Bible Review

Published on December 8, 2004 in Palm

Tanker Bob has a review of the Zondervan’s NIV Study Bible for Palm OS and PPC at PDA Buyer’s Guide. If you have not seen it before also check out his Palm OS Scripture (Bible) Program Review. Both reviews are excellent.

WINKsite: Creative Commons Group Mobile Library

Published on in Palm

The Creative Commons group is developing a mobile library to deliver editions of ebooks to mobile phones and wireless PDAs. According to their website “Over the coming months the number of collections will grow to include thousands of titles available under Creative Commons license, in the
public domain, and from leading publishers.”

Link: http://winksite.com/site/help_bl_view.cfm?blog_id=4065

eReader.com Free Books

Published on December 1, 2004 in Palm

eReader.com is offering a free ebook a day for the month of December. Go to http://www.ereader.com/promo to recieve a new ebook every 24 hours.

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