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Archive for August, 2004

Customize the Color Scheme of Your Palm

Published on August 31, 2004 in Palm

Colorize is a Palm application (a UIColorTable editor) that allows a customized color theme to be applied to a Palm based handheld. It will change the color scheme of the device from the default blue bars, black text, and white background to about anything desired. This change occurs across all programs, not just in a launcher. Colorize 1.4a is freeware and will work on any device running Palm OS 3.5 and above. Designed by Chris Antos it can be downloaded from Palm Gear.

Colorize comes with several different themes but allows for the importation of custom color screens. On the left hand side of the Colorize main screen there is a button that is labeled Import. Click on this button and and new screen will appear asking you what memo you want to import. Choose your desired mmemo and click on import. This new theme is now the theme you will see on your handheld.

1. If a change is made to a Colorize memopad record it must be reimported into Colorize.
2. To follow current Colorize convention, make the first line in the memo read Colorize – Theme Name (ex. Colorize – LF).
3. Generally speaking it is best to set the default color code to 8 bits. Usually there will be noticable difference. The newest of handhelds can run the 16 bit color mode but may have problems with some applications that cannot support a 16 bit color mode.

HI-Res Icons, in Agendus, with Sony Clie’s Running OS4

Published on in Palm

V3BHackMost of the icon sets I have created are hi-res icon sets only. I have received numerous emails about how to get these icons to run on hi-res Clie’s running OS4. Here is the solution. You need to get a simple, freeware hack called VB3Hack exists that enables older CLIE models to display high-resolution bitmaps in programs like Agendus. (A hack is a collection of code snippets that access system calls indirectly. Despite the negative contation of the work hack, this is common and will not hurt your Clie.) In addition, if you do not have a hack manager, you need to get one of these two. A good free one is X-Master.

Getting this to work is easy. Hotsync the hack manager and V3BHack to your Clie. Then go into the hack manager and activate the V3BHack and you should be good to go. A Word of Warning: Some people have reported various problems using V3BHack with certain applications. If you find this to be the case, just go into V3BHack in your hack manager and deactivate the offending application so that it does not try to use V3BHack.

Downloads Links:
V3BHack – http://www.freewarepalm.com/utilities/v3bhack.shtml
X-Master – http://linkesoft.com/xmaster/

Non-Icon Resources in Icon Manager Icon Sets

Published on in Palm

If you are like me and have ran Agendus 7+ on your Palm, whenever you go into an icon set in, Icon Manager, you will notice a non-icon resource (a dot) in each set that has been opened by Agendus. Unfortunately this is a problem caused by Iambic that cannot be fixed. Ideally, icon sets should contain only icon resources (Tbmp type), but Agendus 7 modifies every icon set on the Palm, inserting some non-icon resources into them. These non-icon resources can range from being just an annoyance to causing some applications to crash.

If you are no longer using Agendus and would like to get rid of the non-icon resources the following steps will remove them from an icon set.

1. Open the infected icon set in Icon Manager.

2. Open the clipboard by clicking on the notepad on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Click on the Select+ square (on the bottom middle of the screen) so a checkmark appears in it.

4. Choose all of the icons you want to keep(drag your stylus over them) and copy them to the clipboard. An important note: Do not use the “Select All” option on the Record menu for this step. If you do the non-icon resources will be selected. This icon is not an icon resource.

5. Click the “Select All” option on the Record menu and then choose the “Delete Icons(s)” option from the Record Menu. An important note: Do not delete the icons in the clipboard.

6. From the Record menu choose the “Paste and Insert” option to copy the icons back to the set from the clipboard.

7. Delete the icons in the clipboard, save your set and then close the icon set.

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